E550T - E550CRT

E550T - Automatic edge bander with hybrid superior hot melt EVA/PUR polyurethanic (standard), chain panel feeding and pre-milling unit E550CRT - Automatic edge bander with hybrid superior hot melt EVA/PUR polyurethanic (standard), chain panel feeding, pre-milling and corner rounding units

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E550T / E550CRT

Maximum finishing quality

  • Chain feeding system
  • Pre-milling
  • Superior glueing pot EVA/PUR polyurethane (std.)
  • Standard interchangeability glue pot (std.)
  • Corner rounding unit (E550CRT)
  • 3 free spaces for finishing units

High performance

  •  9 m/min feed speed
  •  50 mm panel height
  •  3 mm edge coils
  •  5 mm solid wood strips

Minimum space occupied

  •  3.2 m (E550T)
  •  3.7 m (E550CRT)

Easy to use

  • Unit settings with a piece of edge
  • Easy and intuitive use of machine
  • Flush trimmers with multiprofile tool
    (thin-R1-R2- solid wood)

See Casadei Industria E550 Automatic Edgebander in action

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Discover the new PURE glueing unit

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TOUCHME  ..10’’ E550CRT

The first and only figurative control with inmediate understanding on the market.
It is fitted with a figurative interface for programming and diagniostics.
Productivity control in any moment.
User friendly from the first use.
PLC and ENCODER controlled logic functioning
Complete with:
    - Thermostatic glue control with automatic stand-by and glue temperature Indicator in case not using.
    - Diagnostic system with messages for machine use and maintenance
    - Statistical operating data: total hours of machine use, total and partial meters of edge used
• Chain panel feeder with rubber pads mounted on a steel chain with lubrication system
• Top pressure bar with a double row of rubber wheels mounted on bearings, height  can be adjusted by means
   of a handwheel fitted with a metric position dial.
• Pre milling group with diamond cutterblocks and two (HF) high frequency motors with Independent movement
• Feeding fence with micrometric adjustment
   Variable milling from 0 to 2 mm, adjustable with a knob and numerical dial.
• Edge Feeding
  feeding synchrony between the panel and the edge to guarantee a perfect glueing
• Pneumatic edge - cutting shear from coil with horizontal oscillatory movement.
• Teflon-coated glue pot allows complete and fast cleaning.
  Fitted with 6 electrical heating elements (4 in the glue pot, 1 in the turret and 1 inside the glue spreading roller).
Gluing unit with standard EVA/PUR upper glue pot
Allows you to work with both polyurethane glue (PUR) and EVA glue
- With the latest generation of PUR glues, it is possible to stop the machine for several days (up to 4) without having
  to perform any cleaning operation
- Manual granule loading (tank capacity 1.4 kg)
- Automatic setting by PLC of temperature parameters depending on the glue used
- Automatic glue spreader roller cleaning cycle
- Rapid glue unloading cycle
- Optional glue roller rotation inversion device for special processes
- Quick cleaning or glue change approx. 15 min.
- Quick release device for quick and easy replacement of the glue pot
- Possibility to replace the second glue pot with:
- EVA/PUR upper glue pot
- EVA lower glue pot
• No. 2 FLOATING pressure rollers:
  First Ø 80 mm aluminum, second rubber
• Automatic Front/Rear End Trimming unit (straight cut) with copiers and integrated chipping  collection
  Possibility of independent front/rear cut selection from PLC.
  HF (High Frequency) motors
  End trimming unit blade 2 x Ø 100 mm
•  4 - positions flush trimming unit with 2 (HF) high - frequency motors.
• Ø 75 mm cutterblocks, with Widia multi - profile knives for easy change between thin edge, thickness 1 mm,
  thickness 2 mm and solid wood Vertical and front disc copier
• Tool positioning with numerica dials
• Front extensible support for large panels with Polizene sliding fences

Feed speed
9 m/min
Panel thickness
min 8 – max 50 mm
Edge thickness in coils or strips
min 0,4 - max 3 mm
Edge thickness in strips (manual feeding)
max 5* mm
Maximum coil diameter
800 mm
Minimum panel length (processed side) with standard End trimming unit
110 mm
Minimum panel length (processed side) with VR1/VS1 opz. End trimming device
Panel height h=18 mm
Panel height h= 50 mm

180 mm
210 mm
Minimum panel width
70 mm
Max milling
2** mm
HF (High Frequency) motors power
2 x 0,75 kW
Diamond cutterblocks tool dimensions
Ø 80 x H54 mm
Tool rotation speed
12.000 RPM
Heating elements power (6 cartridges)
1,630 approx. kW
Glue heating time from ambient temperature
14-16 approx. min
Glue heating time from standby
4 - 6 approx. min
Additional EVA hot melt lower glue tank capacity (optional)
1 Kg
Upper glue tank capacity PUR Polyurethane
1,4 kg
HF (high Frequency) motor power
0,22 kW
Blade rotation speed
12.000 RPM
Motors power
2 x 0,37 kW
Tool rotation speed
12.000 RPM
Motor power
0,22 kW
Tool rotation speed
12.000 RPM
Minimum panel thickness
8 mm
Maximum panel thickness
45 mm
Minimum panel length
140 mm

* the maximum thickness of the strip depends on wood hardness
** Removal section according to material type

Details of the machine


Touchscreen control

Easy to use, Intuitive and Immediate

  • 10” Colour display
  • Possibility of processing with storable programs
  • Impossibile to go wrong; the graphic visualizes directly the result of the process on the edged panel Just one
  • Just one click to choose the desired workmanship

Glueing unit PURE/EVA

  • It is possible to process material either with polyurethane (PUR) or EVA glue 
  • With PUR glue it is possible to stop machine (up to 4 days) without having to effect any cleaning  procedure.
  • Automatic cleaning of glue spreader roller
  • Glue roller with integrated heating uniform and constant glue temperature
  • Granule manual loading (glue pot 1,4 Kg)
  • Automatic glue drainage cycle. allows the change of type of glue in around 15 min.
  • Standard interchangeability which allows you to add a second additional glue pot both EVA/PUR and EVA
  • Possibility of reversing the rotation of the glue roller for special processes (OPT.)

Corner rounding unit CRT for finishing corners on straight and shaped panels

  • Finishing of front and rear corners on straight, bevelled and postformed panels
  • Diamond cutterblock
  • Possibility to select from PLC the processed front, rear or complete panel

VR1 or VS1 end trimming group with vertical rounding or bevel function (Opt)

  • VR1 or VS1 end trimming group to remove and mill edge excess on front/rear side of the panel

2 processing modes:

“VR1” radius (ABS and PVC  thick edges) straight (thin edges and wooden strips)
 - or
“VS1” bevel (thin edges) straight (thin edges and wooden strips)

  • Unit managed by the electronic control with the possibility to specifically choose the processing mode for the front and the rear of the panel  
  • High frequency motor  0,22kW – 12.000 RPM
  • Integrated dust extraction system that includes the la extractor hood of the wood chips and flexible hose for connection to the external port D=120mm


End Trimming unit


  • 2 blades for perfect front/rear end trimming on all types of  edges
  • Operating cycle  controlled by PLC
  • Rotation speed pre-milling tool - 12.000 rpm
  • Integrated suction system

Flush Trimming unit


  • Quick changes between machining processes for thin edge, radiused edge and solid edge
  • The system “reads” the edge thickness, making mistakes impossible!
  • No. 2 motors HF 200 Hz. - 12.000 RPM - 0,37 Kw
  • Pro Nesting, system for processing perforated panels (optional)


Infrared lamp


  • Creates the best conditions for perfect glueing.
  • Heats panels and removes all traces of dampness.


Antistatic and Cooling Spray Unit (Opz.)

  • Function of spray controller by PLC electrical
  • N.2 sprayers (bottom and top) and liquid tank
  • Suggested optional when the PUR gluing unit is foreseen
  •  Alternatively you can choose the slipping liquid for glossy and delicated panels and edges (High-gloss)

Cleaning spray agent unit


  • Spray function controlled by PLC.
  • 2 sprayers (lower and upper) and liquid tank.



Improves the processing of large panels.

E550T / E550CRT      
L 2594mm   L 3245mm   L 3080mm




  • DIAMOND tools  Ø= 60mm H= 54mm
    (E550 T)
  • DIAMOND tools  Ø= 80mm H= 57mm
    (E550 CRT)
  • HF motors 200 Hz  – 12.000 rpm   – 0.75 kW (each)
  • Dedicated suction system and blower for panel cleaning before glueing


Feeding fence (E550T)


  • Feeding fence with micrometric adjustment and numerical dial for the measurement of the removal
  •  Variable milling up to 2 mm max with 8 - 50 mm panel height


Feeding fence (E550 CRT)


  • Infeed guide with decimal adjustment complete with numeric indicator for measuring the removal
  • Movement through linear guides and pads with recirculating ball bearings for precise positioning
  • Maximum milling adjustment 2 mm with panel height 8-50 m


Anti-adherence / release agent spraying unit


  • Spray function controlled by PLC
  •  2 sprayers (lower and upper) and liquid tank


Edge Scraper with optionals


  • Blowers for detachment and removal of shavings.
  • Dust extraction  system complete with box to separate and collect edge scraping shavings.
  • Pneumatic exclusion managed by control touchscreen (optional)
  • Pro Nesting, system for processing perforated panels (optional)


Glue Scraper with optionals


  •  Copier discs with automatic cleaning system.
  •  Two separate knobs which allow an easy positioning of the tool and a fast exclusion of the unit.
  •  Pneumatic exclusion managed by control (optional)
  •  Pro Nesting, system for processing perforated panels (optional)

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